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Sunday - 10AM Christian Education, 11AM Sunday Worship | Wednesday - 7PM Bible study

Come See Us!

The "Praise Temple of Long Beach" congregation is comprised of a group of regular people who honor our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ while encouraging each other to grow in our walk with "HIM".

What are Our services like?

Whether through music, prayer or preaching, God's word is at the center of all of our gatherings. Each service includes a time of prayer, preaching and giving. The sermons are built on God’s Word, not the Pastor's ideas, and aim at transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

Where should I park?

We have a parking lot near the church and designated spots, near the front door, just for our guests.

Where should I go when I enter the building?

We have Greeters located at the doors who will be happy to assist and direct you to your destination.

Do you provide childcare?

Clean, well-staffed nurseries for infants and toddlers are provided during all Church Services.

What should I wear?

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us, than we are with what you wear. As a church, we gather to worship the Lord and dress in a way that honors God. Most of our members wear clothing that ranges from business formal to business casual wear.